How Do I Stay Updated About Blockchain?

 Aug 26, 2020  |    ? Comments
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As we have discussed what Blockchain is on the blog, it may help to learn about free resources that would help to keep you up-to-date and help you get in touch with the blockchain community. Here is a list of resources where you can learn more.

Blockchain University

Blockchain University is an instructive site that aims to teach engineers, directors, and business people about the blockchain system. It offers open and private educational programs, hackathons, and demonstrations. Its projects are design thinking focused on solution orientation, and hands-on experiences.

Blockchain Alliance

The Blockchain Alliance was established by the Blockchain Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Coincenter newsgroup. It is a public-private coordinated effort by the blockchain network, law requirement, and controllers. They share a shared objective to make the blockchain environment safer and to advance the further improvement of innovation. They do this by battle crime on the blockchain by giving training, specialized help, and occasional instructive meetings concerning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that make use of blockchain.

Ethereum 101

Ethereum is an open-source crowdfunded venture that manufactured the Ethereum blockchains. It's one of the most significant undertakings in the blockchain space since it has spearheaded the creation of a programming language inside a blockchain. As it has its own implicit programming language, the Ethereum network permits you to make brilliant agreements, decentralized associations, and convey decentralized applications.

Ethereum 101 is a site created by individuals from the original Ethereum group. This includes Anthony D’Onofrio, who is the Director of Community for Ethereum. It is a curated storehouse for excellent informational and instructional content about blockchain innovation and the Ethereum system.

Multichain Blog

Multichain is an organization that helps associations quickly construct applications on blockchains. They offer a stage that can provide many resources on a private blockchain. Likewise, you can also follow-up and check the activity on your system through their mechanism. In addition to these tools and the platform they provide, they've also been pioneers in the blockchain space. 

DigiByte and DigiKnow

DigiByte is a decentralized network founded by Jared Tate that facilitates payments, which came to be created due to the advent and popularity of Bitcoin. It permits you to move cash over the Internet and offers quicker exchanges and lower transaction fees than Bitcoin. Jared has put out informational videos on YouTube which act as a primer into the work done by Digibyte and all you could ever need to know about it. The YouTube series of videos is entitled “DigiKnow”.

Factom University

Factom Inc. is a blockchain organization that works to facilitate the Factom open-source system. It constructs custom blockchain applications for various companies and governments. It is also known for constructing a blockchain to support the U.S. housing and mortgage business.

Factom University was made by Factom Inc. and is a developing information base made to educate people about blockchain innovation, the Factom system, and APIs. It comprises recordings and instructional exercises that will take you from a fledgling to a master!


Ripple specializes in facilitating worldwide monetary or financial settlement methods. Its widespread settlement arrangement is based on open-source innovation that anybody can utilize. Ripple maintains that its blockchain capacities should be utilized by authorized financial institutions only.

Ripple has built up a large information base for expanding on its foundation. This information is geared essentially toward developers. It offers a few assets for money related regulators as well. It merits a read regardless of whether you are or aren't a regulator since it helps to be informed about legitimate liabilities and legal problems, if any, that are related to blockchain innovation.


Paul Sztorc established Truthcoin, which is a shared oracle framework and forecasting market for Bitcoin. It uses a proof-of-work sidechain that stores information on the condition of forecast markets. Bitcoin can help sustain financial subsidiaries, derivatives, and smart contracts by using HiveMind, which is a stage created out of the Truthcoin whitepaper.
(Note: An “oracle” is a data management tool which helps execute smart contracts)

And there you have it! It’s always good to know about any systems or technologies that you may have an interest in, and we hope this list helps you out in your research. Stay tuned for more!