How to install Paid Android Apps for Free

 Aug 13, 2020  |    ? Comments
Android apps

That title may seem like clickbait, but we swear we mean it. Wouldn't it be great to be able to own all of the paid apps that you want, or the premium versions of free ones, for virtually no cost?

Android Apps and their Types

In a world full of smartphone users, Android is the most widely used Operating System. Now, along with such a market share comes the freedom of creation. The Google Play Store is the Android equivalent of Apple's App Store, both of which provide a platform for developers to create mobile applications, called "apps", to provide a variety of useful, fun, and interesting services to mobile users.

While many of the most popular apps are free to use, many useful ones may fit a specific niche of people or some that may have to be bought from the store instead. Along with this, the free versions of many apps often contain a multitude of advertisements to supplement the developers' income, and so a premium "paid" version may also be made available to add functionality to the free version and also to remove the annoying advertisements.

Of course, it is reasonable to assume that the paid version of a free app, or the paid apps that are available on the Google Play Store, may have more valuable features than their free counterparts. Thus, many people wish to buy these apps but sometimes may not have the immediate funds necessary to do so.

The Best Things in Life are Free

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Parting Words

As we stated at the beginning of this post, it is now a fact that you can download and install all of your favorite paid apps that you wanted on the Google Play Store for free. All that you need to do is visit PlayNANO, earn some Nano by completing some simple tasks, and then purchase those Google Play Gift Cards and use them on your account. Happy downloading!