Crypto currency and Casino Affiliate Program

 Jul 21, 2020  |    ? Comments
Cryptocurrency and casino affiliate program

Crypto currency is not new and neither are affiliate programs. Both go side-by-side with each other from the beginning of this trading system. Nano affiliate programs are something that is not common. This new idea is getting more hype these days as the awareness of crypto currency is getting to everyone. PlayNANO is the beginning of the Casino Affiliate Program for NANO.

PlayNANO is a website that enables you to earn free Nano and then checkout directly to payouts. And there are various ways to earn Nano there. The easiest way to earn is through the affiliate program.

Casino Affiliate Program:

People always wonder why the crypto currency is an alternative option to trade in money. The prime doubt that haunts their minds is “Is it safe”, well dealing in digital currency and affiliate programs are as safe as investing your money in other businesses, you have to learn which are safe and which aren’t. But the thing with affiliate programs is that you don’t have to make much effort.

The program itself is pretty simple as it works on the referrals, the greater the referrals the higher will be the earnings. When you send a referral to your friend or anyone and they start using PlayNANO, you will get 1% of everything your referral earns. Cool! I know, how easy it is to earn with it.

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”

Satoshi Nakamoto

How It Actually Works?

If you give some thoughts to the backend functioning it’s pretty much straight forward. Once you refer the link to your friends a cookie will find its way to the user’s phone, laptop, PC or, tablet. Then, when the user earns anything through the platform, the cookie will make sure you get your 1% for which you have gone through this trouble.

Still don’t get it? Let’s make it simpler for you. Assume that one of your referrals plays Roulette on PlayNANO and bets 10 NANO on it. Let’s assume he bets 10 times on red and that by the end of his betting half of the rounds were actually red. It means he has earned 100 NANO (20 Nano from each of the 5 times the spin was red) in payouts. As soon as, he receives his earnings the cookie will make sure that you receive your 1%, or 1 NANO in total from his bets. See! It was easy peasy. And if he keeps on betting, you will keep on earning!

Who Can Avail The Offer?

If you reached this point in the article, it means you’re interested and want to earn some real money. You are now probably wondering, “can I avail this offer?” or “how long is it available?”

Grab something near you! As this will going to shock you! This offer is valid for everyone, who knows how to navigate through the digital world with the right tools at his disposal. Also, some basic knowledge about digital currency and trading in crypto currency would be beneficial.

Now, coming to the time restraint. This offer is not subjected to any time limitation. Once you stick with it, the offer continues forever! A pretty awesome deal, right?

Bonus Tip

Huh..! You reached the bottom. That’s pretty awesome because you always get the bonus tip at the end. Let me make your day special. This program also comes with a surprise!

You might be wondering, are referral earnings limited to placing the roulette bets? Well, there is your surprise, you will not only get 1% from your referrals betting but also from surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even for installing mobile applications.

This is the charm of PlayNANO because they offer multiple earning options and instant payouts. All you have to do is go to and just start earning and invite everyone you can!