Provably Fair Casino Roulette with Instant Payouts

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“If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time”

Chinese Proverb

In this modern era, while everything is converting to virtual and online, why not the casino? Especially Roulette, the equivalent to the live casino experience. If you merely indulge in live roulette without losing a gap in your banking account’s equilibrium, why not bet on a live casino roulette game free of charge online?

But can you earn playing these games? 100% yes and I am going to talk about it next. First things first, in order to play live roulette online, you only need to have a connection to the Internet – whether you use your personal computer or perhaps your smartphone or even a tablet.

Casino Roulette

The Casino is all about gambling and luck. Basically, it all depends on whether you’re having a good day or bad day. Let’s continue!

Roulette: it’s a game of chance and a wheel of fortune. A spinning wheel in the center of a table with 37 (on the European version) numbered pockets and an attendee for you to bet. The game is pretty simple; first, the players choose a number of their liking and place bets on it. Once the wheel is spun a ball is thrown in the opposite direction of rotation. If you’re lucky enough to choose the right number. Perfecto, you’re the winner and the night is yours. You can also place bets on groups of numbers to increase your chances of winning.

When online, Roulette works basically the same way, but the whole process can be made much faster with instant betting and instant payouts.

Fact: Now, as people know many online casinos use rigged roulette wheels so that people who bet can’t stand a chance against the house. This is the primary formula used in many casinos all over the world.

What’s the solution? This is the question that arises here, what makes this online roulette any different than any other roulette. How can any online roulette prove that it is not actually rigged?

Behold the truth

Here is how it works, the casino roulette designed in PlayNANO uses a multiplayer provably fair method that makes sure that no one can cheat the numbers on the roulette, not even PlayNANO. The way they do it is a somewhat complex algorithm that generates a secret random number for each simulation, showing you that they can’t modify that number before the round starts, and then by using information from all the users that bet on that round. The website itself cannot decide which number is to be declared the winner, the number is decided only at the end of the round after all bets come through, using that secret number, and the information from all bets a number is calculated. There is more information about this on the Roulette page, and it also shows you all the calculations so that you can be sure that no cheating is happening.

Impressive! Isn’t it?

Instant Payouts - Your Turn To Go Home With Money

You’re excited about the earnings you have made. So, let’s just say this is a most important part of the process that people actually really lookout for. How can they process their payments and how can they receive them instantly. Now many websites out there have many restrictions which users have to follow in order to get a payout but on PlayNANO, not only you don’t need an account to use any of their services but everything, including the roulette, gives you instant payouts on Nano, the cryptocurrency which is famous for its instant and fee-less transactions.

Entertainment and earing both things you can look for under the same roof. Isn’t it fun? Grab your PC, tablet or mobile now and visit the website to start earning today.