Affiliate Program

For every payout your referrals receive, you will get an extra 1% of that!

How it works

When you refer users using the link below, a cookie will be stored on those users' devices. After that, for each payout they receive, you will receive an extra 1% of that payout as well.
For example, one referral starts playing Roulette and bets 10 NANO, 10 times on red, and half of those bets were red, so in total he received 100 NANO in payouts, which means that you receive 1 NANO from those 10 bets.

This referral program works no matter if you or your referrals create an account or not. If you don't create an account, you can use your Nano address as the referral code and Affiliate Payouts will be paid directly to that address.

Affiliate Code

(insert here your Nano address, where you'll receive your affiliate earnings)
(refer users with this link)