Affiliate Program

Earn 40% commission on everything.

How much could you earn?

If you had referrals, each with referrals, and per they
Earned NANO
Played for NANO
Betted NANO
Spent NANO
You would earn roughly
($) per month /
($) per year

How it works?


Setup your referral link

Check out the form below to setup your referral link.
An account is not required to join this program, you can simply use a Nano address.


Promote PlayNANO

Share your referral link on social media, to your friends, on in-game chat, or with a famous influencer.
When they click your link, we know they came from you.


Get Paid instantly in Nano

When your referrals do something on our website, like earning some Nano, or spend Nano on a game, you'll earn a commission. And if they invite others, you'll get a commission from them too, up to 3 levels.

40% - 3 Earning Levels

How much you'll earn from each Earning Level:

Direct Referrals - 25%
2nd Level Referrals - 10%
3rd Level Referrals - 5%

Commission from profits

PlayNANO's profit margins for each section:

Earn - 20%
Play - 5%
Bet - 2.7% to 5%
Spend - 3% to 15%

Setup your referral link

You are not logged in, to setup a referral link we just need your Nano address so that we can send you payouts. You can also login or create an account to be able to use a shorter / pretty affiliate code.

Your referral link

Note: Your referral link can be linked to different pages of PlayNANO - as long as your link includes the ?ref=___? parameter, we will know. For example, to refer users directly to the Roulette you could use this link: