Reddit's New Favourite? An In-Depth Review of Nano

About this video

In this video by Kevin, from the Bitcoin for Beginners YouTube channel, we see an in-depth and informative analysis of Nano as a digital currency.

We also see that the popular social media platform, Reddit, has an interest in Nano, and so Kevin, who is a big believer in Redditors' ability to find diamonds in the rough in these matters, is understandably intrigued as to the value and benefits offered by The Nano Foundation in its cryptocurrency offering, and what led to it being deemed Reddit's new "Cinderella Coin".

Did you Know?

Nano's price crashed more than 99%
Since its all-time high (ATH) back in January 2018, where we saw Nano reach an incredible price of $37.62, Nano's price has crashed more than 99%, to around $0.29, back on March 13th, 2020.

There are a couple of reasons for this drop in price, but we'll talk about the two most important: First, before it's ATH, Nano saw an unprecedented increase of more than 21700% in its price, in just 32 days, and even before that Nano had hugely increased its price during the whole 2017 year; Second, back in March 2020, the global financial system saw huge crashes due to the outspread of the coronavirus pandemic SARS-CoV-2 (better known as Covid-19) that, directly or indirectly, affected every person in the world.


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