Nano Foundation UK Meet, July 2019

About this video

In this video, we catch a glimpse into the ideas at work at The Nano Foundation, featuring interviews of Andy Johnson (Head of Communications, The Nano Foundation), Adam Edwards (Head of IT Law, Wedlake Bell LLP), Zach Hyatt (Project Manager, The Nano Foundation), Colin LeMahieu (CEO, The Nano Foundation) and many other notable guest speakers.

It also showcases the community aspects of Nano, how it has an innovative and closely bonded community of enthusiasts and professionals alike, all looking forward to the goals that the Foundation has laid out for the future.

Did you Know?

Nano had an ATH price of $37.62
Nano's price reached its all-time high (ATH) back on January 2nd, 2018, during an incredible bull run that saw not only a rise in the value of Nano but also most other cryptocurrencies, with huge increases in price over a span of a few months.

Nano was particularly affected by that bull run, being one of the cryptocurrencies that saw the biggest returns. From November 30th, 2017 to its ATH, Nano moved from a $0.172 price to an incredible $37.62. Within 32 days, Nano increased more than 21700% in price.


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