Nano - A Green Present is a Green Future

About this video

Cryptocurrencies have changed the way people and businesses over the world think about money. However, the cost to the environment is also a cause for concern, due to the harmful effects of Cryptocurrency mining.

Nano differs from its competitors because it is, for all practical purposes, very eco-friendly in comparison.
The project can offset its carbon footprint by planting 5 acres of trees.
Even at a high volume of transactions, the entire Nano network can be powered by 1 single wind turbine.

Did you Know?

Nano is green
If we look at all the infrastructure necessary to run government currencies, its banks, their servers, employees that go to work on their cars, and much more, we can see that its impacts on the environment are quite heavy. Even with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others, we see huge impacts on the environment, with, for example, Bitcoin consuming more in energy towards its mining operation than the entire country of Switzerland.

Well, Nano is green. So much so that the entire network could be run by the energy generated by a single windmill.

Due to its technology and the way it was built, the Nano currency doesn't need any mining and is very lightweight, which requires minimal resources from nodes to run its software, making Nano's footprint very very low.


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