The Future of Money - Nano

About this video

In this video by The Nano Center, they discuss the various benefits that Nano offers in comparison to 'Old Money'

Old' - that is - Conventional Money, is slow to transfer, has fees associated with the transfer process. In a global economy, all of these factors cause slowdowns in business for all associated parties.

Enter Nano - A currency that eliminates the negatives of Old Money, and grants to its users a worry-free, modern infrastructure to transfer money, which benefits all who are involved with it, including our planet's environment!

Did you Know?

There's Nano and there's the Nano Foundation
Founded by Colin LeMahieu, the Nano Foundation is serving the purpose of increasing the adoption of the Nano currency globally.

Nano is "just" the currency, peer to peer (P2P), and decentralized. There is no authority or entity that governs the currency itself. Then there is the Nano Foundation, which is helping with the adoption of Nano in multiple ways:

  • By making improvements to the Nano currency core code;
  • By supporting the services that are adopting Nano, such as PlayNANO and many others;
  • By educating the community about Nano, and making resources to help spread the awareness of the Nano currency;

And many more.


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